Born, raised, and made in NYC like its designer, Liz Kaye, Poesy NYC is a fine jewelry collection inspired by friends, nostalgia, travel, and a lust for life. Throughout her ten year career in the fashion industry, Liz’s passion for designing and creating jewelry was unwavering. In 2014, Liz struggled to find a special gift for the bridesmaids at her wedding. With no luck, she decided to take the opportunity to design her own piece, which would later become the Lulu diamond bezel bracelet.

Post-wedding, she found her friends wearing this piece as a daily staple and quickly found others inquiring about it. The experience gave Liz the confidence to make her dream a reality, encouraging her to turn years of sketches into a complete collection. Poesy NYC believes that fine jewelry is a luxury that becomes a uniform of sorts, part of you and an iconic staple of one’s personal style. Our motto has become, “It is how you wear it that makes it your own”.